About Us

EnerVest is a top-tier, low-cost oil and natural gas operating company. Our services encompass far more than foremen and field crews. In our ranks are engineers, geologists, geophysicists and landmen, along with all of the back-office staff needed to accommodate accounting, licensing and administrative duties. With an established history of expertise, we can precisely complement the needs of our partners with integrated cost-effective solutions.

Company Profile

Always evolving, EnerVest stays flexible to complement its partnerships. The company is structured around two entities: EnerVest, Ltd. raises capital and buys oil and gas assets and acreage; EnerVest Operating, L.L.C. operates those properties. The Operating Company also operates on behalf of other companies. Currently, we operate for two public companies and have a joint venture with another large sponsor in addition to our long history of traditional operating relationships with institutional investors. For both investors and partners, we can aggregate smaller assets and responsibly produce steady, lower-risk returns. Our focus on cost savings is company-wide and we’ve invested significant capital ensuring the efficiency of our platform—which embraces both state-of-the-industry drilling techniques as well as digital oilfield and automation technologies.